Monday, May 28, 2012

Пролетен дожд

После долги години 
и безброј настапи во циркусот,
на родендени и какви не забави и настани,
еден мајски ден, кога пролетниот дожд
почна да му се лее по лицето
и да ја размачкува широката црвена насмевка,
кловнот уморно воздивна и рече,
‘Мислам дека ќе си одам дома’.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Колку гласно зборува небото,
колку убаво зборува дождот.
Нудејќи се да ја измие правта од
улиците изгазени од уморни нозе.
Да се помеша со солзите на лицата
и да ги натопи нежните детски косички.
Да засвири на олуците на напуштените куќи
или да не натера да погледнеме нагоре
низ стаклото на автомобилот
и да ги пуштиме бришачите.

А ние велиме, ‘Изгледа почна да врне’. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Subversive Compassion

Jesus in his solidarity with the marginal ones is moved to compassion. Compassion constitutes a radical form of criticism, for it announces that the hurt is to be taken seriously, that the hurt is not to be accepted as normal and natural but is an abnormal an unacceptable condition for humanness. In the arrangement of “lawfulness” in Jesus’ time, as in the ancient empire of Pharaoh, the one unpermitted quality of relation was compassion. Empires are never built or maintained on the basis of compassion. The norms of law (social control) are never accommodated to persons, but persons are accommodated to the norms. Otherwise the norms will collapse and with them the whole power arrangement. Thus the compassion of Jesus is to be understood not simply as a personal emotional reaction but as a public criticism in which he dares to act upon his concerns against the entire numbness of his social context. Empires live by numbness. Empires, in their militarism, expect numbness about the human cost of war. Corporate economies expect blindness to the cost in terms of poverty and exploitation. Governments and societies of domination go to great lengths to keep the numbness intact. Jesus penetrates the numbness by his compassion and with his compassion takes the first step by making visible the odd abnormality that had become business as usual. Thus compassion that might be seen simply as generous goodwill is in fact criticism of the system, forces, and ideologies that produce the hurt. Jesus enters into the hurt and finally comes to embody it.