Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Buenos comicos

This is from the comic exibition that we went to yesterday. We saw some pretty good stuff there and I especially like the style of two of the guys who did this one called "Motus." You can check some of the stuff on

Monday, February 13, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

Cosmic fight for the urban youth

Urban youth. Urban myth. Urban split.
Split and destroy! Make it nice before it dies.
Yes baby, it's all about you. You!
Your dreams, Your life. (For the birds meat to eat.)

Dark shades, voices unseen, keep you blind,
and more, more, give me more of this stuff, you cry.
More of this "nothingness", more to fill the the void screaming inside.

To kill my pain, I close my eyes, I writhe in shame.
Oh, Lord, Oh, Something, the good cries in me.
I won't give up, "Love" I say, "Love" I say.
Kneel! Kneel! Fall! Quick! For a dark blast,
a black wrath is moving angry and furious.
Fall now! Fall and be quiet…quiet…quiet.

I lie with my face on the ground and look!
Water, red water, bloody water is running all around me.
Lift your head now and see! See where this water flows from and run!
Run now and don’t turn back. Run as fast as you can!
As I run, I feel warm inside. Something will happen, that I know.

I came to the source, just three words, Mercy cover me

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Солун е наш!

Over the weekend, me and Ana we were in Thessaloniki visiting some friends. It was great to just walk around the city center, relaxing, sunny weather, 15 *C, the sea and stuff. Then later hanging out with our friends walking along the beach outside the city. Well, that was saturday and on sunday there was snow coming down to greece already falling down in Macedonia. We took the bus from Gevgelija and what can I say. Man! it was f****ing cold (I meant freaking, count the letters) at the back of the bus where I sat and I had all this wind blowing right at me. I think, for 300 den. that's pretty ok, I mean you get some fresh air, possibly a cold, frozen feet...So for this occasion I wrote a poem. It goes like this, "Welcome to the sunny side, where all penguins come to die, oh my, oh my!" (It goes well with the melody of "Soldiers side" from SOAD) You know I like the greek people no matter of the issues we have. I think that they are ok but going to Greece you have a strange feeling that is in the air if you are macedonian, like you can not say that you come from macedonia and so. (The following is in macedonian)

Епа сега ќе ви кажам пред поширока јавност бе грчиња. Од Македонија сум, што? имате проблем.