Friday, January 15, 2010

Did God punish Haiti?

Few days ago there was an disastrous earthquake in Haiti which most people heard about. Many people died and the estimates go up to 100.000 and the country is in chaos. The world reacted quick and a lot of help is coming to that island at the moment. I heard on the news that Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and now with this happening, it's totally devastated.

The well known evangelical Pat Robertson said in an interview that when the french used to rule Haiti, the local people made a pact with the devil so the french will leave and that after that they have been suffering badly. He made a comparison with the Dominican Republic which is on the same island and is a totally different story, attracting a lot of tourists and being in a totally different situation than Haiti. After that statement, everyone is reacting very strongly against Pat Robertson and what he said.

I don't know much about Pat Robertson and I don't really care much about him, but what provoked me was the reaction of the people. Now everyone says that his statement is nonsense and I understand that, is's logical. When people suffer and things like this happen nobody wants to judge and condemn anyone but wants to show compassion and love. Everyone wants to be humane. And that's ok.

But what if something like that really happened? What if they really made a pact with the devil? Is something, just because we don't like to hear it, automatically wrong? I'm not an expert in Haiti but I have at least few times heard that there is a lot of witchcraft, voo-doo and that it is a very dark place spiritually. Yes, God is merciful and he wants to save people but there are some principals that even He wouldn't break.

There is lot to be said about this, but I will keep it short. All I wanted to say is that we can't dismiss anything that we can't understand and that opposes our humanistic worldview. And plus there is a great movie on tv about a group of blind kids from Tibet that are climbing a summit very close to Everest and I really like to watch it.