Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bet on my blog (Part 3)

OK, Brazil-Gana finished just 15 min. ago and what can I say. Cheers for the Gana team for the good football, courage, fighting. Once again BRAVO!!! They deserved at least one goal. But anyway I like Brasil also. Whay can you say about Italy, such a shame for the football, such a shame for that referee. That was not a penalty kick and Australia was playing better. They always make it this way. And to be more ironic they play Ukraine in the 1/4 final who beated Switzerland yesterday. (You simply are not allowed to miss 3 penalty kicks.)I hope Ukraine kicks them out. Brazil is waiting for the winner of Spain-France.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Bet on my blog (Part 2)

Ok, we have the first 1/4 finalist now. Germany-Sweden 2:0,Argentina-Mexico 2:1, England-Ecuador 1:0 and Holland-Portugal 0:1. Now we have Germany-Argentina (this is supposed to be for me a final before the final, the germans are not joking but still I like Argentina) England-Portugal (the Brits were lucky till now but come on Portugal).

The next 1/8 final matches that will be played today and tomorrow are Italy-Australia (come on Australia!) Switzerland-Ukraine, Brazil-Gana and Spain-France. (an easier group of 1/8 finalist I would say but...)

Ok, so for the matches that we have for the 1/4 final Germany-Argentina and England-Portugal put your bets now. :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bet on my blog (Part 1)

We have the first 1/8 finalists and the matches are:
In 2 days we will know the rest. I think England was lucky to miss Germany, Argentina should have a pretty easy job, one very interesting is Holland-Portugal. (but you never know, surprises are not excluded)Also I salute the teams of Ivory Coast and Trinidad and Tobago for fighting and good games. So now you can bet on my blog and say your favorite. The ones that win will get a prise. Also expect cool photo galeries from the World Cup.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hey people! Everyone is invited tomorrow night at 9pm in the Vulkan Club. Our band Vanity Fair will play together with another band called Forbidden Apple. I expect great fun.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thursday, June 01, 2006

You said you come from Tokyo?

During the weekend of 19-21 of May a group of us went to Belgrade for 24-7's "Big Conversation" and it was great to see old friends and to meet new people. For me personally there was sense of belonging and connecting, which was great.
The first evening I met Scott and Misty, a couple from England that really had an impression on me. They left their jobs, sold the house, got a camper van and together with their two children decided to travel all around Europe and be a blessing to churches, friends and share their life with those that don't know Jesus. Living in a country that offers security, a good and comfortable life, they decided to leave that and be available to God. I so much respect that! Because those who decide to leave their comfort and follow Jesus where ever he may take them are close to God's own heart and will make a difference in this world. It's foolishness for those that perish but for those...The dandylion has been blown and the seeds are landing and beginning to take root. A great movement of nameless and faceless young people is about to explode and I want to be a part of it!