Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I just lost my operatic virginity

Yes, it's true. I went to see an opera for the first time in my life just few days ago. I have always loved the philharmonic orchestra and been to a couple of concerts but never been to an opera. We saw Pietro Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana" which I must say I really liked it. It was short (just a little bit over an hour), the story was simple, but the whole experience was great. Especially I liked the scenery. I think I might be hooked up on opera. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Summon the losers with fire in their eyes and instruments in their hands!

Every year as part of the "Taksirat" festival there is a smaller festival for new bands funny or weird enough called "Loser Fest". This year the festival will be for the first time something like a mini-tour with the bands playing in Prilep (29th), Stip (30th) and in Skopje (1st of December). We applied with Vanity Fair and were very surprised and happy when we got chosen among the eight bands that will play this year. The band that has the most votes is the winner which is not a measure for the quality but it's going to be a great fun and important experience for us.

So everyone is invited because it's time for the show called...VANITY FAIR!!!

P.S. From now on the guys from Lithium Records decided to rename the festival into "Winner Fest".

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Buenos noches Madrid!

After six days in sunny Seville we arrived at the Madrid airport but we came a little bit late. Just one day late. Our plane already left so we needed to spend an extra day in Madrid. But I'm glad about that cause if we didn't stay I wouldn't write this song:

Есенска вечер
Уличен квартет ја свири
"Пролет" од Вивалди

Autumn evening
The street quartet plays
Vivaldi's "Spring"

P.S. The photo is the view from our hotel room. Nice!