Friday, December 30, 2011


На Гедора, Рагбена, Ешко, Сара, Сухамед, Мевљана,

Рафаел, Арбихан, Селвија, Мартин, Медијан, Бекир...

Мислиш ли Создателу

на сите овие дечиња

со кал под нивните ноктиња

со сјајни бели запчиња

или црни од ефтини колачиња?

Им пееш ли ноќе Создателу

на сите овие дечиња

тивки и небесни мелодии

дури спијат и сонуваат

со насмевка да се разбудат?

Плачеш ли понекогаш Создателу

за сите овие дечиња

низ дождот што тивко ромоли

по трошните лимени покриви

и нежно се лее по нивните лица

како солзи ангелски?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Мост (На Иво Андриќ)

Во снежната ноќ,

возевме крај мостот на Дрина

разговарајќи за Штајнбек, Толстој, Џојс...

И за тој стар мост, што и да го снема

ќе продолжи да постои заради тебе.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Like Jesus Himself

There is something in the Bible that we so often miss. And that is how compassionate and indignant God is when it comes to four kinds of people: the widows, the orphans, the poor and the strangers. The Bible is full of exhortations and warnings that we should treat rightly these groups of people. In other words, make sure that we provide justice for them. Isaiah 58 is a great example of that.

That’s why working in Shutka with the Roma kids and teenagers we want to remember their situation and do something about it. We want to help them practically and we want to help them understand who they really are and have their dignity as beings created by God. Every Thursday we come together with around 30 kids to play and have fun, but also to worship the Lord together and try to hear what he has to say through the Bible. What he has to say about who they are, that they are beloved children and have a great worth for Him. And for us also.

Our hearts just can’t sit right seeing a child only in his slippers and without socks or in a light sweater without a jacket going around on the biting cold. Seeing all the dirty hands and dirty faces from scavenging through the trash. That’s why cooking a nice dinner and setting the tables for those kids like someone very important is coming should not be something strange, but something normal. Cause the secret is to see the image of God in everyone and treat them like Jesus himself would come to dinner. And beside me are the unsung heroes (Dijana, Ivana, Gricko), or rather, I have the privilege to be beside them. Many times the tears can't stop from showing in our eyes...many dreams, many sighs, many wishes for these kids.

We can talk about changing communities and changing the world but we must start somewhere. So we should dare to start where we are and start small. Many times it won’t be easy and won’t be pretty. But we need to always remember: everyone bears the image of God.