Friday, December 11, 2009

We steal smiles

These are the last days of autumn in Skopje but it feels like winter to me. They say that day after tomorrow it will go pretty cold, possibly bellow zero. As we walk through the center of town this evening, the fresh and chilly air we breathe is still autumn air, but it smells like winter to me. And somehow the sky reminds me of snow.

Little bit later we find ourselves in a mexican restaurant. It has the word amigo in it's name. Of course it's mexican. It's not full and the atmosphere is nice. The food is tasty. The waiters friendly. The menus cool. The cactuses on the tables interesting. The guy behind the bar shaking the coktails amusing.

And before long Nathan is already charming the young couple at the next table stealing smiles with his playful eyes. People come to him and make funny faces, they smile and talk to him. They tell him how cute he is. Later he gets a free tour of the restaurant by possibly the owner of the place and gets a little gift. A banana. And two small packets of sugar.

These days wherever I go with him we steal smiles. For a second we make people smile. Well, he does. And I just happen to be there enjoying the moment. Enjoying the little magic of a baby smiling. Enjoying the smile on peoples face. In the midst of a dark and distressed world, full with sad and misunderstood people we steal smiles. We have a little mission of stealing smiles. And when that happens it gives me hope somehow. It makes me feel that things can be better. That the world can be a better place. Through the smile of a baby.

p.s. You can see our "We steal smiles" gallery on facebook. take care.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stitch 'n Bitch

I just watched the photos that someone posted on facebook from the knitting club that Tina initiated. As I understand the whole idea is that girls come together (or maybe it's open for guys also) and knit and have fun and they donate the things they make to the kids in the gyspy preschool, or they sell the things and donate the money. I must say that I love the idea. It is so creative in my opinion. It's called "Се плете за дете" or translated "You knit for a kid". Misty told me that in the UK they have groups called Stitch 'n Bitch, a name which I absolutely love.
Anyway, maybe some years later someone will answer his child when asked where did you and mom met, "Well son, we met at Stitch 'n Bitch...actually just at Stitch!"