Monday, December 19, 2005

St. Nicholas is a mountaineer

What a wonderful hike we had today with my friend Alojz! We went to climb Vodno, a mountain right next to Skopje which is not very high but pretty steep. It was all covered with snow and the sights were gorgeous, the sun shining gold, warm colours. It was great to leave the grayness and the noise of the city and to enjoy the silence of the mountain. And when we reached the top expecting to find no one and the mountain home as we called it closed, inside we found a bunch of 10-15 people celebrating the day of St. Nicholas. They immediately invited us to join the feast with fish, beans, home-made bread, wine which we didnt refuse of course. A friendly bunch of mountaineers. Lovely!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Whose disciple are you?

There is a good writing about Glasnost on the 24-7prayer web site and you can go to the or directly to
and read it. Actually the word glasnost is a russian word that means openess but for us it means to be loud because the macedonian word for loud is glasno. And yeah, the cafe is almost ready and that is good. There are thousands of young people who live aimlessly and my heart is to see them becoming disciples of Jesus. You know sometimes we "advertise" Jesus as something extra, as something good that can happen in peoples lives, but its a matter of life and death, its about where you spend eternity, its about Him.

Monday, December 05, 2005

David Bowie and our band

Yeah, some time passed since my last update on the blog. Well I had a problem with my tooth (the wisdom tooth) and I had to go to a surgery so it can be removed and that was not funny. All together that deal took at least 2 weeks. Now I can sing again for the Lord which I did yesterday on the service. Today I bought the David Bowie Reality Tour concert and it is great. What can you say about him? He is unique! Very inspiring...musically...and his hair style is great. We are talking with the guys from our band about going to the studio and recording which will be great. We dont have many songs, only five but they are great.