Friday, April 21, 2006

Different "I AM"

He comes through the back door,
He enters silently,
He comes unseen by most,
For vanity lens, cover their eyes.

He comes through the back door,
He comes like nobody,
He comes unheard by most,
For all these voices raging through the air.

And he is not your kind of hero
slaying all his enemies while you cheer on!
He is not your superhero,
Killing all the bad guys while you cheer on!

But He will come, and He will reign,
Forever in glory.
And He will be heard, and He will be seen
By oh, so many.

And He will be adored, and He will be adorned,
with crown of glory.
And I will fall, and kiss His feet,
And serve Him only.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Затемљење сунца!

Пред некој ден требаше да се затемни сонцето.
Луѓе на плоштад собрани, сликаат, гледаат.
И стварно се затемни.
Кога надојдоа едни облаци...
Се зезам...се затемни.