Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hope for Dignity

God gave man dignity by giving him free will, freedom of choice. Through that, He gave him honor and respect. God didn't create humans as numbers, as machines who can think. Humans are not cosmic accidents. He created them with honor. He gave them respect. He gave them to be like him.

The rest of the story we all know. We all know it too well, I would say. We know it by looking at the world we live in. We know it by looking at the faces of the people around us. Those tired eyes, those empty looks. The sadness and despair, the pain of a hope killed. Signs that something went wrong long ago. Perhaps, we know it by looking in the mirror.

And in the attempt to win back their dignity, to gain back their real, their lost self, people fight against each other. They fight physically and they fight mentally. Those who are stronger control the ones that are weaker, thinking that through that they become something special, that they have their dignity. Those who are smarter manipulate the ones that are simpler, not knowing that they are in the same boat. The boat that floats on the river called hopelessness.

But the road to dignity is not the road of achievement. Is not the road of success or people saying good things about you or applauding you. It's the road of honesty. Being honest that you don't have it all together. That you need help. Honest to yourself and honest to God. Then he will start a process, then he will do what he knows how to do best. There is hope for dignity.


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