Saturday, December 25, 2010

Crossing the line of uncertainty

As we count the days until this year is over and the next one begins, adding a different number to its end, it brings to surface interesting feelings. At least in me. It's time of holidays, of cozy nights at home with good music and food (for the lucky ones), of family and friends and it's great. But there is this funny feeling that makes me want to stay in this year, like some kind of uncertainty and fear from the future in the face of the next year. Like things will be very different from the morning of the 1st of January, like I will feel alone and insecure. I wonder why is that cause I'm not a person who wants to dwell in the past, but wants to see what the future holds. And not just in a human existentialist manner, but because I know who holds my future and I feel confident in him, namely God. I wonder if it's familiarity, feeling confident in the things that we know, the places, the faces, the voices, the streets, the smells, that makes us feel afraid and threatened by the future. I'm just guessing. I know that this is in the area of feelings and not of fundamental beliefs, but there are so many people that don't look up to the future, that can't see any possible good happening and for them I just offer a humble and small prayer, that the hope will be born in their hearts, Jesus Christ, my Lord and my love.

p.s. Few years ago someone connected my blog to facebook and made it that every post goes directly to facebook as a note and now I don't know how to change it. The point is that my blog is almost like my diary and not everyone would want to read it. But be patient, I will find a way. Peace.

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