Monday, November 01, 2010

From the desk of the Urban Mystic

These are just few random things that go through my mind lately. Maybe someone finds something inspiring.

When babies are born they are cool. But as they start growing they steal your heart and you end up loving them more and more. The other night I was putting Nathan to bed and praying for him and asking God for dreams from him when I stopped and wondered. "Who knows what kind of dreams the Lord gives to little children?" Immediately I started thinking, trying to find a theological answer or explanation, but then I thought that I shouldn't, cause only God know that, and whatever it is, it must be beautiful. Why should I try to limit by logic the limitless, colorful and spacious spirit of imagination that flows wherever he wishes.

These are the last days of us being three people family. In a little while (it can be even tonight) another member of our family will arrive. We don't know what's he going to look like, we don't know much about him (almost nothing), but he is welcomed. He is part of the family. Just recently I started walking with Nathan by my side, holding him by the hand, and the feeling is amazing. Or I would rather say quietly fulfilling. And walking with two sons, one at each side...I can't wait.

For a long time I want to write an article about the love that produces new life being the highest love that humans can know and I think I will soon. People might disagree on that one but that is my conviction.

Intentional growth. Organic and spontaneous growth is ok, but there is an element of intentional growth that people need. You can grow by spending time with God, or listening to sermons, or reading the Bible, but you also need other people that will challenge you, that will impart to you. So if you want to change and grow, put some intention to it, find someone, be teachable, be ready to receive, ask questions, be humble, be hungry to learn. And if you think that you know it...I feel sorry for you.

The other day I saw an artistic movie called "Baraka" which portrays the world we live in, and the people in it, without words, just with picture and music. After that I just felt a confirmation that I want to spend the rest of my life helping people to be free and find their lost dignity in God through Jesus Christ. That is my passion, that is my life.

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