Friday, October 08, 2010

O Brother, where is thine prayer?

(The following material is classified "spiritual" and may disturb the ones that don't believe in God.) :)

Many people pray and many people pray for stupid things. Why? Cause they don't know the One they are praying to? In prayer, the key thing is to know who do you pray to. Your picture of the One you pray to will define how you pray and what you ask in your prayers. My theory is this. You pray for what is important to you. Those things that you ask for, in prayer, expose what is important for you and what you value in life. Many prayers are selfish. Does that mean that we are selfish? Oh, yes, we are.

Prayer is important. Or better said, prayer is essential. Prayer is not a technicality, prayer is a breath. Prayer is not a duty, it's not an obligation, it's not something that you have to do. Prayer should be something you want to do. Prayer is a safe place, a hiding place when you are afraid, but prayer is also a place of passion, of tears, of pain, of loud cries, of expectation and strong desire...

So let's get to know the One that we pray to more, let's allow him to change our hearts which will change our prayers. And then...let's pray.

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