Saturday, October 02, 2010

Edinburgh Part 2 ("Jesus")

Thessaloniki (the view, the friends, the burgers at Cosmos) was great, Guildford (staying with our dear friends Scot and Misty) was great, London ("I like the market in Camden Town!") was great, Edinburgh was great. I guess it should be expected that I write about Edinburgh and Scotland and that is cool. Probably I should, cause it's a beautiful city and I really loved it. But if I have to choose one thing, one significant thing, then I will have to write about the ending of the Magnify gathering, when Pete Greig shared a message about where 24-7Prayer has been and where it is going. This is how the message began and this is all I have to say for now...

"Let’s be absolutely clear about this, 10 years on, we are here to change the world. We are that naïve, we are that idealistic and the reason that we want to change the world it’s the same reason why we started. The vision is Jesus. And until he is the most loved, most listened to, most respected person on earth, until heaven comes to earth, until we are living in the very dream for which he created us, we gonna keep fighting. We gonna keep praying, we gonna keep serving, we gonna keep binding up our broken bones, and mopping up our tears, and caring for people. The vision is Jesus, 10 years on. I’m so thrilled that that hasn’t changed. There could be no greater vision, there could be no one else on whom to spend your life, there could be no one else worth your life than Jesus Christ who laid his life down for us. So, if you can find a greater cause, go follow it, but if you can not, I urge you, don’t waist your life just playing games but give your life to the greatest cause of all, who is the greatest name of all, Jesus Christ. So if you are with me, let’s change the world for his glory. That’s what it’s about".

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