Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seeds of the future

Reading "Jesus and the nonviolent revolution" by Andre Trocme, I was really amazed by this short paragraph that explains the essence of Jesus' mission in a beautiful way.

"Jesus overcomes the world not by condemning it, but by saving it. He does not offer us an abstract kingdom of ideas, but redemptive actions of healing and liberation. Jesus came from God and returned to God, but only after having planted the seeds of the future: the kingdom on this earth. And Jesus the Messiah will return, because his final aim is to save the entire cosmos. There will be redemption, not just for individuals, but for the whole world. His kingdom will come fully to the earth, just as it is in heaven".


kormos endre said...

Funny you mention. Yesterday the Lectionary readings were taken from Isaiah 55, Romans 8 and Matthew 13 - all these have to do with the concept of the seed.

Also, Romans 8:19: "because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption" - Creation would be a better translation of King James. The whole creation is going to be delivered. (Which it badly needs).

mysticseeds said...

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