Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good world/Bad world

More or less, everyone wants a better world. I think that even the Christians (at least I’m qualified to talk about them) who most of them believe in going to a better place one day and to a certain degree despise this world, still, maybe even unconsciously, crave for a better world here and now. A world where things are as they should be, with meaningful relationships, with peace and harmony, where beauty surrounds us and we enjoy it to the full. But faced with the reality of the world, it takes just few minutes to get disillusioned and discouraged. You immediately want to give up on it. Even if I have to, how can I change so messed up a world? I’m fighting to survive and doing my best not to hate the people around me, people (victims) stuck in the system of injustice and not very different than me. Not to hate the dark side of human existence (can I call it sin?)

Most of us won’t be presidents of countries and in a position to decide about huge issues of environment, ecology, economics, war and things like that. But the question is, do only those kind of people decide where the world is going? Do I have a part to play in changing the world? When I was a kid, I remember watching those coca-cola commercials with their “the whole world” feeling, with all kinds of faces and people, and I felt for the world, I had a vision that the world can be changed, honestly. Maybe it sounds foolish, but that’s how I felt.
I think that everyone, no matter how small he or she feels, has a part in changing the world. Now, I don’t think I can explain well why I think like that, but that’s what I think. My conviction is that every little attempt to do something good, to change the world for good is not going unnoticed by God who created that world. Every smile and kind word to an old lady, every little gift given with love to someone, every tree planted, every poem written (about your beloved, or about someone who fought for justice), every hug given to an orphaned child, every tap on the shoulder to a discouraged friend…they simply can’t go unnoticed. Maybe they will go unnoticed by the people around you, but not by God.

Having this in mind, I decide to go for it. I’m going to believe that I glorify God when I treat his creation (the earth, the people) with respect. I’m going to continue to do small things in spite of what those around me say. If that means collecting my coins for the Roma kids in the “Little Friends” preschool so they can go to the zoo or have a cake for their Christmas party, or give some money for kids and people in a small mountain village in Uganda so they can have blankets or go to school, then I will start there. And the opportunities are many. The point is just not to stay passive knowing that it matters to God.

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Anonymous said...

Amen!! Thanks for the beautifully written challenge!