Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sons of the preacher man! (think twice about the title)

Just few days ago an affair broke out about a well known pastor among the evangelical believers and the american public. The man admitted that he was involved in sexual sin. The heathens loath and the christians are confused and dissapointed. I don't have anything special to add about this scandal but few thoughts. Let us be reminded of 3 things. First: It can happen to me or you. Second: How would you like to be treated if you were in his position. And third: God has enough grace to restore anyone. This is a lesson that we need to live lives of accountability and be open in front of other people. Don't think you can do it on your own. We need each other. And just one more thing. The time of christian superstars and lone rangers is over.It's OVER! For too long America is selling individualistic christianity of superstars. There is an army of faceless and nameless people rising.

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trilobite said...

Баш вчера читав за оваа ситуација.
Типов е инаку Ted Haggard,и е обвинет за користење на метамфетамини(или како и да се викаат) и користење на истополови сексуални услуги.
Жалосно ептен.Јавно се има покаено пред цела заедница,и знам дека е сменет сега од таа функција.На сајтот на има повеќе информации