Friday, February 05, 2010

A serious end for "A serious man"

Yesterday I saw the new Coen brothers movie called "A serious man" cause after seeing some of their movies like "O brother where art thou" or "No country for old man" I was really waiting to see what will they make next. And after my friend Shea told me that it's a weird movie I was even more eager to see it.

Well, I liked the movie, I think it's great, and I really admire how the brothers can create a certain mood that stays for the whole movie. I won't retell the movie now (you will have to see it for yourselves) but I must say that it has an amazing opening scene and few good great moments. I especially liked the guy in the synagogue ceremony lifting the heavy scrolls and going, "Jesus Christ!"

And the end of the movie. I mean what was that? Maybe even better that than the end of "No country for old man". We are so used to top-of-the-roof-happy-end-kissing-couple that gives you a good feeling for the moment. But this is an ending that at first disappoints you and makes you feel like it shouldn't end like that, but then it stays with you, and makes you ask questions. And I simply love that.

Well, to come to the ending you need to see the movie first.


elanor said...

Me napravi ljubopitna...Go gledase "Avatar"?

Anonymous said...
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