Thursday, March 13, 2008

No country for poor men

To build on the picture from the last post I just want to say that I'm really glad Liverpool got through and is going to the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. I think this is the first time that 4 english teams will play in the 1/4. I hope we miss Man United and have Fenerbahce instead in the next round. We'll see...Recently Phil brought me a 84 Liverpool shirt. It's great.

Yesterday I finished reading Brothers Karamazov, more than 1000 pages, and I can say it's a masterpiece. It's considered as one of the finest pieces of literature.

Yesterday was the big "Day of the tree" and in our country 2 millions trees were planted. One for each person. We went to plant a tree and after an hour in the bus standing, when we got to the place we found out that the planting takes place 4 km away which is an hour walking. Well, that wouldn't be a problem but my mom was working that afternoon and we needed to go to Veles also, so we came back. I understand including all the people but so many people going to one place just makes a mess and it's not needed. Maybe in 20 years the organization will be better. But now, we were not surprised, this is our country!

The Greeks want us to change our name but it's not only the name but it's the identity. They don't want any Macedonians, they want citizens of New Macedonia, North Macedonia, everything but not Macedonians. They are afraid, cause if they admit that there are Macedonians that will mean that there are at least 500.000 of them living in the north of their country and many who were kicked out of the country during the civil wars who can claim the land that was taken from them. Our government needs to decide, if we want to join NATO we must make a compromise and change the name. Everyone is pressing, EU, USA... Dirty games by the civilized countries who want to teach us democracy cause we are just wild barbarians. But barbarians or not we are not changing the name. Who cares about NATO and EU.


eliora said...

Taka e Alek, 100% se soglasuvam so tebe...Makedonija e Makedonija i tocka.

Anonymous said...

Taka e be Alek!:))))))))))
P.S.Gledase li nekoj film?Kako i da e,milo mi e sto pocna da pisuvas na blog povtorno,daj pisuvaj pocesto!

Anonymous said...

super post..

Anonymous said...

Go izgleda li "The Fountain"?Ajde,edvaj cekam da cujam tvoe mislenje!