Monday, October 02, 2006

Bitter Sweet Harmony (Back to the primitive)

London town is one thing but back to reality is another. Back to the primitive. These days after England were a lot of planning and running around preparing for yesterday. The big opening and introduction of the Glasnost Sunday Meetings which went great. Plus all day saturday and sunday morning we had a conference where I led worship and talked in one of the session. (that was great also) And on top of that me and Ana we are moving (we didn't want to but...)and are in the middle of packing stuff, planning for the new flat. When I was gone Ana found one flat with an extra room and we are moving to that place. But it takes money (which we don't have) for fixing stuff and moving and that's always the frustrating part. You know in the end of the day it's always good and God helps us but when you are in the middle of things it's not very funny. And plus I'm driving the car not insured because of the same issue. Maybe it helps a little bit to just let out what's on your heart. Not always good stuff though. Maybe I will feel better when I leave this internet cafe in few minutes. Cheers!


Elanor said...

Taka e Alek vo zivotot,ne moze sekogas se da e high,ama ne se obeshrabruvaj,poleka cekor po cekor rabotite ke si dojdat na svoe mesto...Inaku i jas mislam deka "Glasnost" pomina super i na konferencijata bese mnogu dobro.

Anonymous said...

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