Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Солун е наш!

Over the weekend, me and Ana we were in Thessaloniki visiting some friends. It was great to just walk around the city center, relaxing, sunny weather, 15 *C, the sea and stuff. Then later hanging out with our friends walking along the beach outside the city. Well, that was saturday and on sunday there was snow coming down to greece already falling down in Macedonia. We took the bus from Gevgelija and what can I say. Man! it was f****ing cold (I meant freaking, count the letters) at the back of the bus where I sat and I had all this wind blowing right at me. I think, for 300 den. that's pretty ok, I mean you get some fresh air, possibly a cold, frozen feet...So for this occasion I wrote a poem. It goes like this, "Welcome to the sunny side, where all penguins come to die, oh my, oh my!" (It goes well with the melody of "Soldiers side" from SOAD) You know I like the greek people no matter of the issues we have. I think that they are ok but going to Greece you have a strange feeling that is in the air if you are macedonian, like you can not say that you come from macedonia and so. (The following is in macedonian)

Епа сега ќе ви кажам пред поширока јавност бе грчиња. Од Македонија сум, што? имате проблем.


St.Alpin of Przhino said...

Taka be Solun e nas so ni mozat.
siguren si deka mislese freaking?

Elanor said...

Taka e be Alek,vo pravo si i za Grcite a i za Makedoncite.Ama znaes,koj sam si se potcenuva i drugite ke go potcenuvaat.A nie fakt e deka ne si se cenime mnogu pa onie nadolu mislat deka imaat pravo da ne gazat.Ustvari oni ke ne gazat i bez toa,ama toa ne e tolku vazno kolku toa da NIE si ja cenime nasava malecka zemjicka.Neli e taka?

Urban Mystic said...

Yes, I meant freaking, You freak! :)

North Wind said...

Leeeeeeele sto ubavo i kaza na posirokata javnost,alal da ti e.Da ti kazam i dosta bese ..ne treba da spieme .

Anonymous said...

pazi pogled...Alek..pocnuvas da me plasis..:))))

Anonymous said...

samo edno ime imame nego vo srceto go nosime makedonijo ne te davame

North Wind said...

Nie makedoncite od norveska se zalagame za nasata zemja .Nie sme patrioti.Eve tuka koga odam da jadam vo restoranot Akropolis im vikam na grcive: Abe nemoj ti na mene kalimera ...abe jas za makedonija ke dadaam celi 5 dolari be ej...ma i 10 ako treba.Abe jas makedonija u srce ja nosam.I im kazav:So koe pravo musaka e grcko jadenje ?Pa zborot musaka e makedonski i se sostoi od dva zbora MU I SAKA. Oni na mene.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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